Eight students were charged Tuesday with furnishing alcoholic beverages to minors in relation to an incident involving 19-year-old Penn State cheerleader Paige Raque, who fell five stories from a Calder Commons apartment window on Oct. 13, according to court documents.

Tempest Hourston, 21, Megan Markovitz, 21, Adaire Robinson, 21, Alexandra Hipple, 20, Brooke Piccione, 20, Alyssa Duffy, 19, Julie Hannan, 19, and Madeline Miller, 19, were charged in relation to the incident, police said.

Penn State Spokeswoman Jill Shockey said that Hourston, Markovitz, Duffy and Miller were members of the Penn State cheerleading team before being removed from the team prior to charges being filed Tuesday.

Piccione, a member of the Penn State Lionettes dance team, was also removed from the dance team Tuesday for a violation of team rules, Shockey said.

Piccione declined comment on the charges, and the other students charged did not respond to calls or emails by press time Tuesday.

Hourston, Markovitz, Duffy, Miller and Piccione will also face potential sanctions from the Penn State Office of Student Conduct, Shockey said.

It will be up to the State College Police Department to file charges related to underage drinking — a summary offense in Pennsylvania.

No one has yet been charged with underage drinking, police said.

Police responded to a health and safety incident at the Calder Commons apartment complex, 520 E. Calder Way, on Oct. 13 for a report that a female fell from a fifth floor window, police said.

Raque was dancing on top of a table with other individuals when she fell out of an open screened window, police said. Raque sustained a broken pelvis and serious brain injury from the fall.

Police became aware that a party had been hosted in an apartment on the fifth floor of the building –– where Raque had fallen –– after observing empty wine containers, beer cans and several plastic party cups on a table in the apartment, police said. Police then began a preliminary investigation to determine who attended the party and who resided in that particular apartment, police said.

Officers identified Duffy, Miller, Piccione, Hipple and Hannan as residents of the apartment, police said. Raque, Markovitz and two other females lived in an apartment on the same floor, police said.

Police said they were able to determine the connections with all individuals involved by looking at several social media and Facebook posts and pictures.

Duffy said to police that her and her roommates were hosting a party for Piccione’s 20th birthday and that everyone was drinking alcoholic beverages in the apartment, police said. Duffy told police that between 40 and 50 individuals attended the party and that most of the guests were underage, police said.

Duffy and Miller told police they observed Raque intoxicated before she arrived at the party, police said.

Police later obtained a search warrant for Raque’s medical record at the Altoona Regional Hospital where she was being treated for her injuries, police said. Records indicated that Raque had a high blood alcohol concentration, though the exact level was not reported, police said.

Robinson, Markovitz and Hourston purchased the alcohol for the party, and Miller, Duffy and Piccione contributed money for the purchase of the alcohol, police said.

Five boxes of wine and nine bottles of vodka were purchased for the party, police said.

Police confirmed the purchase of alcohol through printed receipts at various locations, including Wal-Mart, 1665 N. Atherton St., Wine and Spirits Store, 1690 N. Atherton St. and another Wine and Sprits Store, 2051 S. Atherton St.

Miller said all three 21-year-olds had previously purchased alcohol for her roommates.

A male party guest, who was not identified because he is a minor, told police that as soon as Raque fell out of the window, everyone at the party ran out of the apartment, police said.

Police also viewed surveillance video from the apartment, which revealed residents bringing alcohol into the apartment and the party.

At about 11:45 p.m. on Oct. 13, police said the video shows “dozens of people running out of the apartment” after Raque fell from the window. The video reveals that before officers arrived, several female individuals are seen carrying what appears to be alcohol to different apartments on the floor.

An unidentified female who attended the party told police she saw Raque fall from the window and called it a “freak accident.”

At least four individuals told police they witnessed Raque fall out the window, police said. There is no foul play suspected in the incident, police said.

Raque is currently recovering from her injuries at her home in Kentucky, as previously reported.