After finding out Gov. Tom Corbett will allow drilling for natural gas to continue, Penn State PhD candidate Peter Buckland decided to take action.

To protest to the law's reversal, Buckland said he has decided to ride his bike from Pine Grove Mills, Centre County, to Harrisburg today. Buckland will request a personal meeting with Corbett as well, after attending a rally beforehand.

“I’m requesting the meeting with [the governor] because he’s ignoring the people, and listening to the gas companies,” Buckland said.

Buckland is riding down to the capital through the townships between Centre County and Dauphin Country, along with others. Buckland said he hopes talk to the governor about several points on how to deal with the natural gas drilling companies.

Some of the points include putting a state wide moratorium on gas drilling and reinstating the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources ability to perform environment assessments on potential leased lands, he said. Buckland would also like to see taxes imposed on the drilling companies as well.

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