Plane crashes, suicide: Just another day at the White House

Plane crashes, suicide: Just another day at the White House


Collegian Columnist

Editor's Note: This is the second in a three-part series discussing the alleged political murders by President Bill Clinton. This column deals with the deaths of Vince Foster, Kathy Ferguson, Victor Raiser, Herschel Friday, Ronald Rogers and Luther Parks.

In the words of the immortal Chris Berman, "Once is a coincidence, two a trend, three a problem, seven a catastrophe." What about 56?

Scott Paterno is a senior majoring in political science and is a Collegian columnist.

Yesterday I stated that I thought the president was a felon, and backed it up by examining the death of Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Today, I want to look at some more of the Clinton dead.

On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster, former partner in the Rose Law Firm with Hillary Clinton, chief council to the president and a man who must have had an extraordinary amount of knowledge concerning Whitewater and other Clinton "bureaucratic snafus," supposedly killed himself. Once again, the circumstances surrounding his death create some question to whether foul play was involved. Consider the following facts about the case:

On the day of his death, Foster was in the White House for lunch. He finished, picked up a White House pager, and left saying "I'll be back." We are then to believe that he drove to his Georgetown home, picked up a gun, drove to Arlington, Va., walked into deep woods and shot himself.

When the body was found the investigation was turned over to the park police. They never found the bullet that killed Foster. They could not explain why blood from the body was running uphill . Foster's prints were not on the gun.

All of these facts seem shady. Add to that the fact that July 19, the day before he killed himself, Foster had hired two lawyers to represent him in the upcoming Whitewater investigation.

Once again, here is an individual with the potential to do serious damage to the president, and here again he conveniently died.

The Foster "suicide" has been looked at before. The issue has not yet been put to rest by Whitewater investigator Ken Starr, who, according to his media secretary, will release his findings "after the election" (there's that phrase again).

But, Foster's wasn't the only strange suicide.

"Seems improbable, doesn't it? Well, it becomes even more so when you consider that all of these crashes eliminated a potential source of scandal for the president."

Kathy Ferguson was the wife of Arkansas patrolman Danny Ferguson (who claimed he brought Paula Jones to the Clinton's hotel room). She was someone who knew about the women Clinton would have Arkansas police bring him, and she told people about it.

She was found dead with a pistol in her right hand. There are several holes in the suicide scenario, but this one is the most damning.

The entry wound in her skull was behind her left ear, and the gun was in her right hand. It would be impossible for her to make this wound with the gun in her right hand, given the angle of trajectory the bullet took. So the only way she killed herself was if she shot herself with her left hand, and then, after the .38 slug ripped through her brain, she transferred the gun to her right hand.

Not exactly plausible, is it?

Was her death a good thing for the Clinton administration? Of course. She could have been a damaging witness for Paula Jones, whose case, if won, would ruin Clinton politically.

In all, nine people who might have had information that would hurt the president have committed "suicide," officially.

Another 41 died in plane crashes.

Consider the statistical probability of one individual knowing 41 people who died in five separate plane crashes and then ask yourself this: how many people do you know that have died in plane crashes? Then, further complicate the mathematics by considering that all of these crashes took place in the last five years.

Seems improbable, doesn't it? Well, it becomes even more so when you consider that all of these crashes eliminated a potential source of scandal for the president.

The most obvious is the Ron Brown crash. As I discussed yesterday, Ron Brown was in big trouble, and that spelled big trouble for President Clinton.

There was also C. Victor Raiser II and his son, whose plane fell out of the clear blue sky (literally, the weather was perfect) one morning during the '92 campaign. Raiser was a the former finance co-chairman for the campaign, but once he got fed up with all of Clinton's tactics and cover-ups, he walked, and sentenced himself to death.

Herschel Friday was a member of Raiser's committee, and in March 1994 he too fell out of the sky for some unknown reason. See a pattern here?

It doesn't stop there. Ronald Rogers was a dentist in Arkansas who claimed to have knowledge about Clinton's extra-marital affairs, and was willing to talk to the media. En route to an interview in his twin engine Cessna, his plane dropped off of radar and crashed, yet it still had a full tank of gas.

On the surface these may appear to be unconnected tragedies, but if you step back and look at all of them, as a composite, they look much different. They look like a trend, a pattern or a plan to remove anyone who threatened the president. All of these deaths benefited the president. They all had a plausible explanation ( at least one that the majority of us would buy). But there are too many coincidences, too many convenient exits for people who might have been able to shed some light on what has really been happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the last several years.

They are all connected by one theme: Anyone who has information that is damaging to Clinton's presidency has conveniently, and mysteriously, died. The list of Clinton dead makes Charlie Manson look like a petty criminal. Among those I haven't discussed is Luther Parks, and it illustrates most clearly what happens when you threaten Bill Clinton.

Parks was owed $81,000 from Clinton for providing security for the former Governor. He had kept a file about Clinton's dealings when he was providing security. After publicly threatening to talk if he wasn't paid, he was gunned down in Little Rock, Ark. by four or five assailants. His son was quoted as saying ". . . they had my father killed to save Bill Clinton."

That is what happens to people who threaten this president. They die, they die fast and they die before they can do any damage.

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