As thousands of athletes compete in Sydney, seven teams at Penn State battled to triumph in the Asian Olympics held Saturday at the East Halls picnic pavilion.

Events varied from challenges such as the six-legged race to that of a race involving chopsticks and whipped cream.

"It's a fun way to bring people together. I think we have seven organizations represented," said Thongpaseuth Chanthakoumane (senior-business logistics and international business), an organizer of the event and a coordinator for the KEWL program.

KEWL, which stands for knowledge, excellence, wisdom and learning, and the Asian Pacific American Coalition sponsored the event.

Chanthakoumane added that some of the groups in attendance were Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity and the Indian Student Association.

The Asian Olympics also featured a barbecue held after the main events so athletes could bond over their successes, failures and food.

Dana Aina and Ajay Nair, counselors at the Multicultural Resource Center, also attended to assist the Olympians and accommodate their basic needs.

"I got pushed into cooking," Aina said with a smile.

"I'm kind of here to show my support," he added as he flipped burgers with a student.

The Asian Olympics were put together as an event to bring Asian students from different organizations together. Also, freshmen were given the opportunity to meet members of groups geared specifically towards them.

"We had a really good turnout. This is the first year. . . . I hope it becomes an annual event," said Nandita Thatte (senior-biobehavioral health), a coordinator for the KEWL program.

Those who walked away after the day's events without gold medals weren't sore losers.

"I was on the ISA team. . . . (There were) no medals for us. (It was) just a bonding situation for us," said Maulik Mankad (sophomore-management science information systems), a KEWL facilitator. "(The Olympics are) just a formal event that KEWL and APAC organized so people can get together."