Chris DiCesare compared believing in ghost encounters to believing in love at “The C2D1 Haunting — A Paranormal Symposium” Saturday.

“How do you prove love?” DiCesare asked. “Some things are hard to prove factually.”

An intimate crowd of students and adults gathered in Foster Auditorium to listen to eyewitness accounts of the C2D1 Haunting, and to see trailers for the upcoming film “Please, talk with me.”

The symposium began with an introduction from “Please, talk with me” Director Mara Katria, who explained why witnesses finally agreed to have a film made about the events.

“We kept respect for what they went through and how it affected them,” Katria said.

Attendees then had the opportunity to view a trailer for the movie, set to release in 2012.

DiCesare, a 1985 C2D1 haunting key witness, said he was “inspired to be talking to people that want to listen.”

Taking his time with the retelling, DiCesare described the time in his life that was “like going to war — you didn’t know if you were safe or not.”

DiCesare described his early life as “normal” until he entered SUNY Geneseo, a college in Geneseo, N.Y. and moved into room C2D1 in Erie Hall.

He then recounted all the strange occurrences that began happening — he and his friends heard someone whisper his name and saw a ghost standing behind him, scratching him in the shower

DiCesare's friend, John Jeff Ungar, kept a journal of the events that became the basis of the film’s script. The two collected evidence of the ghost throughout the events and displayed photos and tape recordings the two took during their time in C2D1.

Ungar and DiCesare then had a question and answer session where students could take the opportunity to learn more about what transpired in the dorm. DiCesare couldn't say how his encounters with the ghost finally ended, as he said could not give away the ending of the movie.

Attendees included Paranormal Research Society members who were impressed by the presentation.

"The detail that [DiCesare] gave to us was very creative," Josh Kregiel (senior-meteorology) said. "It really painted a picture."

PRS President Mitch Cunningham was most interested by DiCesare's fear in the C2D1 haunting ostracizing himself from his friends.

"It was interesting to see how back then, society wasn't so open to the paranormal," Cunningham (junior-premedicine) said.

The group is excited to view the film in 2012 and see how the C2D1 haunting finally ended.