You are the first group of Penn Staters to ever hold a Sunday edition of The Daily Collegian in your hands.

You are also the group of Penn Staters that has been thrust into the national spotlight at a time of anger and confusion, tears and reflection.

You carry an inconceivable weight on your hearts. With every step, you carry the weight of charges brought against people you trusted and believed in.

You are being asked to comprehend a 23-page document describing the most unimaginable crimes committed against eight boys.

One hundred and twenty five years later, it has taken some of Penn State’s darkest hours for this special edition of the Collegian to be brought to you.

This weekend, there was just too much to tell you to for it to wait until Monday. You need to know everything in this paper right now. We can only hope that our storytelling will help the Penn State community move toward a place of understanding and peace. I believe in my heart of hearts that this is our duty to you, our readers.

I’ve barely made it to class and haven’t slept more than three hours at a time this week. I wish I could tell you that my story was an anomaly, but everyone on our staff of about 200 is pulling similar hours.

The sweat, the tears, the sleepless nights are all for you.

Know that we wouldn’t do any of this if we didn’t sincerely believe in our duty to you. Every student. Every person who, before last week, never would have imagined that their Penn State pride would be called into question.

And through every moment of this trying time in the-once Happy Valley, I promise that The Daily Collegian will be here for you.

We’ll be in the basement of the James Building — or wherever the news happens to be — bringing you the fairest, most complete and up-to-the-second information that we possibly can.

When there are so many questions, so many unsure moments, this is our commitment to you. The Collegian was at Penn State long before this storm rolled in, and we’ll be here when the clouds start to lift.

Our duty to you keeps us going. So, to take a page out of the book of our university’s rallying cries, “We are… here for you.”

Lexi Belculfine is a senior majoring in print journalism. She is The Daily Collegian’s editor-in-chief. Email her at