More than 300 people attended the Mr. and Ms. Asian Penn State pageant Saturday night, crowning Godfrey Tsui and Jean Hsu as Mr. and Ms. Asian Penn State.

The event was sponsored by the Asian American Student Coalition and two national Asian-American interest Greek organizations, Alpha Kappa Delta Phi and Lambda Phi Epsilon.

The pageant was interspersed with a fashion show highlighting Asian and American styles. The pageant contestants, five men and five women, were judged based on two question-and-answer sessions and how much money they had raised for a chosen charity.

The first question-and-answer session asked the contestants to detail how they had contributed to the Asian-American community. The field was then narrowed down to three men and three women who answered more difficult questions.

Question topics ranged from affirmative action to the public perception of Asian Americans to what it means to be an Asian American.

"Each question was as tough as the next one," said Randy Reliford (junior-finance and international business), who attended the event. "Considering the fact that the contestants were on the spot, they did well."

Tsui (senior-hotel and restaurant management) won the crowd over with his sense of humor, while Hsu (sophomore-electrical engineering) took a serious approach.

"I was surprised to win and I am truly honored," Tsui said. "The other candidates were richly deserving and I wish we all could have won."

Hsu said just being among the candidates on stage was fulfilling for her. As a representative of the Asian-American community, Hsu said she wants to promote Asian awareness by supporting organizations and hopefully encouraging others to learn about the Asian cultures.

Patrice Ng (freshman-division of undergraduate studies) said she enjoyed the pageant, but the audience was not as diverse as she would have liked.

"I thought it was a great way for the Asian-American community to get together and have fun," Ng said. "I think it's a pretty good turnout, but it would have been nice to have seen more representation from other races."