Delta Delta Delta sorority has lost its charter after its national organization found the chapter in violation of the Penn State Code of Conduct and Tri Delta Policy.

The chapter has been under investigation since Nov. 5 for "alleged hazing and risk management violations," according to a press release from the national sorority.

Delta Delta Delta sorority members who violated membership obligations will face individual sanctions and possible membership removal, but those unassociated with violations can remain unaffiliated members of Delta Delta Delta sorority, according to the release.

Deena Berger (junior-psychology), the chapter's former president, said she plans to comment in the future on the chapter's closing.

The allegations of hazing were primarily addressed by the Delta Delta Delta national sorority, said Kara Zinger, the Panhellenic Council (PHC) vice president for communications and a member of the Collegian's business division.

She said the PHC is complying with the decision made by the national sorority.

"It's just kind of a tough situation," Zinger (senior-English) said.

"They made a lot of contributions while they were here, but at the same time we'll support what the national organization asked us to do."

The Alpha Phi chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority was established in 1947. According to the press release, the sorority hopes to recolonize at Penn State in the future.

Affinity Public Relations President Karina Shaver, who is connected to the national sorority, said the organization typically waits for the host university to invite them to recolonize. She said there is currently no set timeline for the sorority's return to Penn State.

An established sorority on campus has not disbanded since the 1990s, when Alpha Gamma Delta sorority left because of low membership, Zinger said.

She said the PHC is not looking toward adding a new chapter of a national sorority to Penn State as a result of Delta Delta Delta's disbandment.

Because Delta Delta Delta was disbanded, the sorority members cannot participate in the Interfraternity Council/Panhellenic Dance Marathon (THON) under their greek letters, Public Relations Overall Chairwoman Elyse Adams said.

About two weeks ago, several members of Delta Delta Delta sorority created Trilogy, an independent organization, Adams (senior-bioengineering and mechanical engineering) said. Trilogy will keep the sorority's original THON pairing with Kappa Delta Rho and the same Four Diamonds family. This will remain a greek pairing, Adams said.

"Pairing Trilogy with Kappa Delta Rho is in the best interest of THON and their Four Diamonds family," Adams said.

Delta Delta Delta's former members will also continue to live together in their dormitories next semester, Shaver said. Their residence will no longer be considered a sorority floor, and the chapter meeting suite will no longer be used by the students.

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