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‘Paterno Faction’ nothing more than ‘pure fantasy’


In his letter published in the Jan. 17 edition of The Daily Collegian, Bernie McCue paints a picture of the “Paterno Faction” criticizing every facet of Bill O’Brien’s coaching regime. This picture is pure fantasy.

The reality that I’ve seen is in such stark contrast to the picture Mr. McCue paints. Not once during O’Brien’s tenure did I hear anyone on campus criticize ANY aspect of his efforts.

Not on campus, not in town, not in the stadium, not at social events, not at restaurants, not in stores.

The only criticism I’m aware of came from a few sportswriters this past fall who questioned play calling in a couple losses.

Contrary to the current revisionist belief, there was a great deal of criticism of Paterno’s coaching efforts over his final decade, far more criticism than any that I saw directed toward O’Brien from any segment of the university community or fan base.

Dr. Robert Harris

Dept. of Biology