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Vocal alumni minority are impeding greater progress

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Posted: Monday, September 23, 2013 7:49 am

There is a difference between campaigning for the truth and behaving petulantly while insisting that you're right. In the search for truth, some vocal alumni gathered outside of the Board of Trustees meeting last Friday holding signs and chanting their opposition to the actions of the board following the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse case.

These alumni also protest Rodney Erickson's acceptance of the NCAA sanctions imposed on Penn State’s football program, and believe he should resign as a matter of course.

Frankly, we are…feeling embarrassed.

Protests are acceptable forms of dissent, and if some alumni feel the need to disagree, it is absolutely within their right to protest at Board of Trustees meetings. Peaceful gatherings are a healthy exercise of constitutional rights.

However, what happened on Friday is not in keeping with how many members of the Penn State student body or alumni base feel. Friday's protest was an exercise in digging in your heels and refusing to yield.

University Park Undergraduate Association President Katelyn Mullen spent some time at the protest — called the March For Truth — and a clip surfaced on YouTube showing her engaging in a debate with an alumna.

This alumna says to Mullen, "We're not doing anything to badly reflect on this university…all we want here is the truth. What's so horrible about wanting the truth?"

Mullen calmly made valid points about the concerns of the student body in this time of transition — when students are applying for jobs, they're being asked about the Sandusky scandal instead of their individual accomplishments. Mullen disagreed that these alumni antics do not reflect negatively on current students, and she's right. The actions of a vocal minority are defining us as a school.

Nothing is horrible about wanting the truth, but this alumna's argumentative tone and refusal to listen to Mullen’s points is immature and shows the feverish nature of these protests. It’s disgraceful to hear some of these alumni protesters argue that the students are ill-equipped to understand what is happening with the administration, or are too shielded or controlled by the Board of Trustees to make our own decisions.

How dare you assert that we don't care about this university as much as the alumni simply because of our age?

After two long years of exhausting and emotionally trying times on this campus, students are ready to look to the future of Penn State rather than dwell endlessly on the past. The truth that the alumni protesters do not understand or refuse to consider is what it was like to be a student on this campus the day the Sandusky case broke.

They don't know what it was like to frantically pull up the grand jury presentment on your computer and read every word with your roommate in your dorm, barely breathing.

They don't know what it was like to be on campus the night Joe Paterno was fired, to cry silently in class or to be in the center of mass confusion and riot — literally in a state of flux for weeks and months on end.

It was an experience that can only be understood by those who lived it. And for those who have lived it, the thought of rebuilding and moving forward from some of the darkest times this university has seen sounds like a pretty good idea.

If you truly believe that there is a truth to be revealed, we encourage you to seek it. But seek it respectfully and objectively. Continue to investigate, consider all sides, and realize that the chances of the entire Board of Trustees stepping down is slim to none.

Stamping your feet and crossing your arms in defiance is not productive or conducive to the image of our school, our community or our actual alumni base. It's important to consider that only about 200 people showed up at the March For Truth, and these small protests do not represent the greater move for progress among students and alumni.

We do not suggest to forget our past or those who shaped it, but moving forward into a future post-Sandusky scandal is a welcome and necessary opportunity — an opportunity Penn State should take rather than rally against.

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Welcome to the discussion.


  • paralum92 posted at 12:23 pm on Sun, Oct 13, 2013.

    paralum92 Posts: 2

    Can anyone dig up the editorial from this person condemning the student riot when Joe Paterno was fired?

  • lberkland posted at 3:42 pm on Sun, Sep 29, 2013.

    lberkland Posts: 32

    This post makes me sad on so many levels. First, can you imagine if in our nation's history, people had just said "well, it's gonna be too hard to change things, so we might as well accept it and move on"? Where is the fight? Since when does the truth not matter? If it's hard, or people aren't going to listen, does that make it not worth it? You do realize that peoples lives and reputations are in ruins, don't you? That's okay with you?

    With regard to focusing on the victims vs. putting the statue back, if you had one ounce of understanding about Ray Blehar, Eileen Morgan and the rest of the people who supported this rally, you would KNOW that protecting PA's children is the #1 priority on the agenda.....#1. You see, it was PA's child welfare system that is in large part responsible for what happened in the Sandusky case, not 4 men who covered up the actions of a pedophile to avoid bad publicity. Unfortunately, because the narrative of the "cover up" IS the story, those child welfare agencies have faced no scrutiny and aren't being held accountable. I ask you, do you know the names Jerry Lauro, Alycia Chambers, John Seasock or Jack Raykovitz? If you can't tell me about those individuals without doing a Google search, then you aren't up to speed on this story AT ALL.

    Your final paragraph about the boys "raped in those terrible incidents" shows equal misinformation. Although I am not here to defend Jerry Sandusky or to suggest that he's not a pedophile, as I believe he is, you have bought the media hype. Both of the "rape" incidents that are linked to PSU campus have been debunked. That doesn't mean that children weren't raped, it means that this impression that children were being serially raped on PSU's campus is nonsense. Review the convictions and the stories of these boys before using such inflammatory language, please. My heart bleeds for any child who was a victim of Jerry Sandusky or any other person, but the only way for future victims to be saved, is for us to find the truth and hold responsible individuals accountable.

  • hafinnej posted at 3:51 pm on Sat, Sep 28, 2013.

    hafinnej Posts: 2

    To be clear, this is not written in jest. My intent in writing this today is to enlighten.

    The author (from hereon out referred to as “you”) writes that what happened on Friday September 20, in regards to the March For Truth, is not in line with how the current student body or alumni base feel. This begs the question: how do you know? While I cannot speak for the current student body, and while I am not a part of this group that attended M4T, as I live thousands of miles away from State College, my name is added to the list of supporters who were unable to attend. Did you check those numbers before you wrote this editorial? Did you even survey alumni before assuming you were right? I wasn't surveyed. No one I talk to was surveyed. In fact, a lot of people I talk to, being as far away as I am, didn't even know about the rally. On a Friday afternoon of a working week, 200 is a pretty good turnout, especially considering out of everyone I associated with while studying at Penn State, three people live in the area. Now, I cannot count how many people I associated with in four years, but I can assure you, three people out of that number is not even 1%. If you had done some actual research, you would find that the MAJORITY of alumni appreciate what this group is doing. And adding in the word vocal to your terming makes no difference: even less people are vocally anti-truth in the case of Penn State.

    Ironically (or not?), one of the largest driving forces behind the movement relates to incorrect media reporting, which is exactly what your editorial is, with its unsubstantiated statements regarding a group of people with whom you have little to no knowledge. Over and over, Penn State alumni write to reporters to stress the importance of actual research prior to publishing writing based on zero facts. I will stress this to you as well. You should know better.

    As students, you don't understand what it's like to be alumni. As alumni, we understand what it's like to be students. Now granted, our experience on campus did not include the events of the past few years, but the moments you highlighted to prove an emotional point were experienced by everyone. I will also note it is quite telling just how willing you are to move on, when directly after writing you would rather look to the future, you go into your memories of the past. It appears you are contradicting yourself. More-so – now listen, this is important – all those memories you wrote about – we alumni lived those moments with you. We do know what it was like to frantically pull up the Grand Jury Presentment. We cried in our post-college lives when Joe Paterno was fired. (And there were riots when I went to Penn State, too, so some of us have got you there as well.) When you do graduate and move forward with your life, you will realize just how deeply connected to this university you are (and how rare that is among colleges), and you will understand why the alumni are as attached to this as we are. Until then, just know that we lived these experiences with you.

    Now, from what I can gather through your writing, this singular alumna to whom you refer in your editorial hit a personal nerve, and you wanted to call her out, but in doing so, you called out the entire alumni base. How dare she? How dare you! How dare you project your feelings for this one person onto all alumni as a whole? Isn't that what started this whole thing in the first place?

    What you don't seem to understand is that there is no post-Sandusky scandal future for Penn State without the emerging truth. The only way out of the darkness is into the light. I like how you suggest that we continue to investigate and consider all sides, because I suggest this to you as well. Do yourself a favor right here, right now, and a) realize the first person you are writing for is yourself – always – any writer writes for themselves first; then b) think about what kind of effect you want your writing to have on others. If you want to contribute to the possible collapse of the media field altogether, continue writing as you are. Or, if you want your writing to change the state of the media field for the better, if you want to make a true difference with the rest of your time in the body you possess at this moment in time wherever you are on this planet (Happy Valley for the present, of course), you'd do better to reevaluate your methods.

    One last thing. You begin your editorial with this: “There is a difference between campaigning for the truth and behaving petulantly while insisting that you're right.” I suggest you take a look at your writing from an outside perspective, and then see where your editorial falls. (Hint: It's the latter.) This is what I mean when I say you write for yourself first. And remember: MY intent is to enlighten.

    Jennifer Gorman
    Albuquerque, NM
    College of Communications, Department of FIlm/Video & Media Studies, Film/Video Production, 2006

  • hafinnej posted at 3:49 pm on Sat, Sep 28, 2013.

    hafinnej Posts: 2

    The rest of the world does not, in fact, think "that Penn State is an evil place where children are raped and sacrificed to the god of football." The world you refer to here is the true "vocal minority." In my experience, time after time, what I hear from other people is: "what the media did to Penn State and Joe Paterno was wrong." And that's from those not even associated with the university.

    But let's say you get out into the real world one day, and you do come across one of these people who say as you said the rest of the world does. What would you say to them? What truth could you bring to the table without the work of these alumni and outside supporters?

  • smc posted at 7:42 am on Sat, Sep 28, 2013.

    smc Posts: 45

    "We need to focus on the REAL victims - the boys raped in those terrible incidents"

    Really? When was the last time any of them personally stopped by asking for your help? Have you visited any of them recently?

    Here's a hint - People like Christine Brennan are going to hate Penn State whether there were never any sanctions or if they shut the school down. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and stand up for what is right. Because 40, 50, 60 years from now, you're still going to be a Penn Stater, and if we don't fix the "screwed up" - YOUR WORDS - Board of Trustees NOW, you quite frankly don't know what or when they're going to mess up next.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 2:02 pm on Fri, Sep 27, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    BirdGirl=Pens State Student to the highest order!!

    Great post, not going to shade its greatness, sincerity and right to the point with my lame comments. Just want to say that Penn State is honored to have students of your quality, wisdom and gumption to stand up.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:53 pm on Fri, Sep 27, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    "Can't somebody tell them that for the sake of whatever is left of Joe Paterno's legacy, they should show some class and accept their fate?" A person of honor can no more accept what was done to Coach Paterno's legacy than the United States could have accepted what happened on 12/7/41, or 9/11/01, and still call itself a civilized country. Somebody who is willing to accept defeat in the manner advocated is usually known as a "quitter," and quitters, of course, never win.

    People remember John Paul Jones because he didn't quit, even in a fight he was losing. He won because HMS Serapis' crew quit a fight, as proven shortly afterward, they were WINNING. The Serapis SANK the Bonhomme Richard, but surrendered before the latter went down, thus leaving the Americans in control of the only (badly damaged) survivor. Helmuth von Moltke said that the winner is usually the side that is last to acknowledge that it has been beaten.

    There is, however, nothing more cowardly and despicable than to quit a fight you are WINNING. The enemy (Trustees) has at least six people down: Riley, Suhey, and Deviney voted out in disgrace, Jones not running again because he knew he would be voted out, and Garban and Surma forced to resign. I do not think Kenneth "people that look like you" Frazier will last the year, not after his racist tirade in March.

    The BOT is now displaying obvious panic by attempting, and unsuccessfully, to give orders to individual Trustees who are on our side. That's a sign of imminent organizational collapse, which means it is now time to hit them (in terms of public relations) even harder. Yes, we are going to win this, restore Penn State's reputation, and take out the Nittany Lion's TRASH.

  • sbegly posted at 12:46 pm on Fri, Sep 27, 2013.

    sbegly Posts: 2

    Are you referencing Christine Brennan's story?

  • BirdGirl posted at 10:48 am on Fri, Sep 27, 2013.

    BirdGirl Posts: 2

    As a student, I agree with many of Katelyn's points. Fighting for truth is certainly a noble cause, as is standing up for Penn State. And yes, I'll admit that the BOT screwed up, big-time. But at some point, we have to realize when we're beating a dead horse. Like it or not, what happened happened, and nothing can change that. Ousting the BOT may solve some problems, but it isn't going to undo the damage caused to Sandusky's victims, bring Joe Paterno back to life, or restore the full luster of our school's fine reputation.

    You see, right now, the rest of the world thinks that Penn State is an evil place where children are raped and sacrificed to the god of football. Of course, WE know that's not true, but that's the tale the media has told everyone. Even if the Freeh Report were suddenly reversed, nobody would notice because the minds of the media and the general public are like concrete when it comes to things like this: all mixed up and permanently set. Lawsuits, billboards, and protests for just seem silly and even offensive in this light, and they're sending mixed messages to the rest of the world. What one person sees as a righteous fight for truth, another person sees as a bizarre fixation on denying the past.

    How do you think it looks, when instead of fighting to make sure no child is ever abused again, we're fighting to put a statue back on campus instead? Frankly, it just makes Penn State look bad. For proof, just look at one of the latest sports editorials in USA TODAY, where, thanks to protests like this, the editor feels that Penn State needs to be punished MORE. Quotes from that article include:

    "There is a significant part of the population of Pennsylvania that just can't seem to live without football the way it was before. Just look at the lawsuits... ...If the people of Pennsylvania complained about that ridiculous waste of time and money, I didn't hear it. There are two other active lawsuits brought by those who apparently just can't bring themselves to accept the school's punishment either. And then, of course, there's the shameful whining... ...Can't somebody tell them that for the sake of whatever is left of Joe Paterno's legacy, they should show some class and accept their fate?"

    THIS is what the world sees when they look at these protests. Of course, this is a free country, so anyone can protest, billboard, and sue as much as they want. But before they do, they might want to stop and think - "Does this reflect well on my community, my alma mater, and myself?"

    We need to focus on the REAL victims - the boys raped in those terrible incidents - and stop pretending that our hurt, however real, is somehow more important than anyone else's.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 1:38 pm on Thu, Sep 26, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    . http://votemullendooley.com/about.html Mullen is accountable to Erickson, and associates with the BOT.

    "and was appointed by President Rodney Erickson as a Student Representative on the Penn State Board of Trustees."

  • PSU_girl15 posted at 8:26 am on Thu, Sep 26, 2013.

    PSU_girl15 Posts: 1

    I am a Proud Penn State student. I do not believe that this article is accurate nor does Amy Mullen represent the student body (perhaps a minority of them). Most students I know, including myself, are appreciative of our alumni in many ways. We are busy doing what college students should be doing - learning and having fun. I also do not believe this is a minority alumni. The fact is most PSU alumni have jobs so a Friday afternoon rally in State College just isn't possible.

    When I think about the fact that 1 in 3 college grads hold some degree from PSU, I believe I will interview with at least one alumni. When I think about the reputation of PSU that alumni have built, I believe they are smart courageous people. Keep it up alumni and Thank you for fighting for OUR school.

    I am sure they will not teach a class in this in Amy's Smeal business school, but the mismanagement by Penn State board would be a good case study. Our tuition continues to get hikes, They showed zero leadership, They have given millions to outside friends for consulting, They rolled over for NCAA (and now act like the NCAA is doing them a favor), Coaches and professors are leaving in droves - no thank you. That's not why I choose PSU.

    Amy may wish to tow the corporate line here, and I hope it gains her whatever was worth selling her soul to do. But I assure you - the majority of students I know support our alumni and our school.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 5:51 pm on Wed, Sep 25, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Janet, you are one of the few sane voices around here. I don't agree with a lot that you state, but I do agree with some, and your manner. You even took issue with one of the out-of-control-alumni for bashing students. That is commendable.

    The out-of-control-minority-alumni have taken the low road. That is why the students published that they were "EMBARRASSED" by the behavior of the vocal minority alumni.

    Lets get down to the nitty-gritty. The alumni are just that, alumni. What legal power do they have over PSU if any? PSU honors their alumni, just as any place of education would do their own. In turn, alumni support, encourage, and participate when needed. All well and good. However, the alumni doesn't have any power, and in the student's opinion, didn't have any right to do that shameful protest and say those awful things.

    The vocal minority alumni leaders are out of control. Just reading their comments in this section is and embarrassment to PSU. Who would think people like that came from PSU??

    You disagree with a lot of things that are going on, and went on, but you don't go off half-cocked and sound like some street hooligan! The vocal minority alumni stepped out of bounds, and was scolded by the students. That made the vocal alumni really mad, and went to even lower levels to respond. If you noticed the name-calling aimed at students and this paper. Yes, they are doing PSU harm, a lot of harm. Just like the students stated, the alumni doesn't represent the students or PSU, they are a honorary organization. They are completely out of control. Just reading one line of the tirades of Bill_Levinson, will confirm that.

    Again, you are a voice of reason, in a pack of spoiled alumni who think things are like they were in the old days. One thing for sure, the if alumni keep bashing the students for having their own vision, you will see another report. It will be call the "Alumni Report". After the findings of that report LEGAL RULES will be instated to curtail the kind of behavior that the vocal minority alumni have displayed..

    I am finish!

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 2:17 pm on Wed, Sep 25, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Thanks to ayojajo for finding this. It seems that Ms. Mullen has a conflict between her role as a UPUA representative, and a "Student Representative on the Penn State Board of Trustees" who was appointed by Rodney Erickson, and is therefore answerable to him. Mullen is simply doing what her masters (Erickson, Kenneth "people that look like you" Frazier, Karen Peetz, and so on) want her to do. I will send this information immediately to Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship for use in its own public relations effort, as proof that the Trustees are now using selected students like hand puppets to speak for the student community.


    "Hi, my name is Katelyn Mullen. I am junior majoring in Supply Chain and Information Systems in the Smeal College of Business. Currently, I serve as the UPUA Vice President, am a member of Penn State Lion Scouts, and a part of the National Residence Hall Honorary. Over my past three years at Penn State, I have been Vice President of East Halls Residence Association, the President of the Association of Residence Hall Students, a Student Representative on Faculty Senate, and was appointed by President Rodney Erickson as a Student Representative on the Penn State Board of Trustees."

  • ayojayjo posted at 1:16 pm on Wed, Sep 25, 2013.

    ayojayjo Posts: 2

    "not conducive to the image of our school, our community or our actual alumni base". I'll tell you whats not conducive to the image of our school, community and alumni - the BoT's actions and their failure rectify them.

  • ayojayjo posted at 1:13 pm on Wed, Sep 25, 2013.

    ayojayjo Posts: 2

    Mullen is a Student Representative of the Board of Trustees. She's probably worried about how that looks on her resume right about now.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:48 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Janet Kudravetz, I want to commend you for pulling up the radical Bill_Levinson about his trashing of the students. That was very commendable and shows class. However, they are others doing the same thing. They call the students names, just because the students have a different vision and opinion. Nasty names too. That should tell you something about your bedfellows.

    IMO, students are number 1. Period. It is all about the students. PSU should and is all about the students. The students welfare, their well-being and their future. All this dribble coming from knee-jerk-alumni is shameful in all respects. In all their trashing very little is mentioned about the students. It is all about how they feel, how they think others feel, about reports, truths, etc.. Nothing about the students.

    My educational level is no where near the lowest around here, however, I do have "common sense". Reading the comments of the spoiled alumni, scares me. These are the people that are suppose to be aiding, setting examples, for the our students? We in trouble I tell you that.

    There is hope, the student are waking up. Judging from this editorial, they area standing up, speaking out, and letting everybody know, they will have a say in matters that affect PSU, and a big say at that.


  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:27 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Janet, I think it is good they allowed some scholarships back. But, the point of the matter, sanctions were levied at the football team because a lot of "look the other way" was done to protect the football program. You hear the alumni whining about the "innocent" are being punished. Come on now, you all got PSU degrees, don't tell me you all are lacking "common sense"..

    You all want the truth? You all can't handle the truth. JoePa could have stopped this. You all don't want to hear that. The Freeh Report spelled it out. We hear the vocal minority alumni screaming. Stop screaming and take legal action. When you lose that, will you all admit that you were wrong? I think not.. A lot of old ways are embedded in the VMA (vocal minority alumni). Just reading the comments, tells it all. The comments coming from the spoiled vocal minority alumni is pitiful and that is being kind.

    You all are calling the author a kid, and other names. That is childish. Be that as it may, the VMA are the whiners. The BOT, the citizens of PA and our great nation are behind the students, the admin, and the BOT.

    The VMA can take a hike, they have shown their true colors from the dribble they posted right here. The author was right on with this editorial, even about being embarrassed about the behavior of the VMA.

    I am with the students.

  • Meow posted at 2:59 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Meow Posts: 1

    You spelled "controversey" incorrectly. Talk about poorly conceived dreck...

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 1:11 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457


    What you say is fair enough, and Mullen did raise one valid point (which I answered, near the top): interviewers are asking Penn State graduates about the Sandusky (or Penn State) scandal rather than about themselves. I provided her with the straightforward answer that she, and other students, are entitled to. I should have done so yesterday.

    I was not happy that she and others attacked alumni who took time off work, and traveled long distances, to defend Penn State so graduates would NOT have to deal with stupid questions of this nature but, if somebody can be brought over to our side through intelligent and respectful persuasion, that is always the best course of action.

    Denunciation should be reserved for those who continue to obstruct us regardless of our best efforts at intelligent persuasion. This even applies to the Trustees; other alumni and I did our best to make a win-win peace with them starting shortly after 11/9. 11/9 became unforgivable only after the Trustees did more damage by continuing to insist that wrong was right, and at the expense of Penn State.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:58 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    re: "Mullen calmly made valid points about the concerns of the student body in this time of transition — when students are applying for jobs, they're being asked about the Sandusky scandal instead of their individual accomplishments. "

    I would answer the interviewer by describing how I learned second-hand (and will therefore not have to learn them first-hand in the workplace) the dangers of failure to exercise due diligence, and of rushing to judgment on the basis of very incomplete and, as later proven, inaccurate information. The latter refers specifically to the inflammatory and, as later proven, false allegation in the Grand Jury presentment that McQueary was sure he had really seen Sandusky assaulting a child.

    I would also tell the interviewer that I learned the enormous danger, not only to my own professional reputation but also my employer, of signing off on things I haven't read the way Karen Peetz, and especially Kenneth Frazier, effectively signed off on the Freeh Report by affirming its findings of guilt.

    The employer should realize that an interviewee who can return an immediate and positive answer to a question that should really be irrelevant to the interview will be a very diligent employee who can be trusted with responsibilities as soon as he or she comes in the door, and to a greater extent than CEOs like Frazier and Peetz.

  • Janet Kudravetz posted at 12:56 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Janet Kudravetz Posts: 26

    Additionally, I think trying to engage students who have this perspective, however misinformed it may be (and I don't mean that as an insult to her or anyone else), would be more constructive. As someone posted earlier, it would be a BoT dream come true to have the students and alumni fighting with each other. Having said that, I'm hearing the majority of students do not like what has happened, but just don't have the energy to fully engage. That's why we're here, and at some point they'll understand.

  • Janet Kudravetz posted at 12:49 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Janet Kudravetz Posts: 26

    I don't share her perspective, Bill. I'm sure you know that. I just don't think trashing an 18-21-year-old student (who at this point is very much in the minority) helps -- and actually may bring more uninformed students to her defense. As for the rest of your comment, you're preaching to the choir.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:35 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    "I deal in facts and the fact of this matter is that not a single student would have ever gotten a question about the Sandusky scandal in a job interview IF the BOT had defended Penn State from the outset." Exactly. Graham Spanier did exactly what he was supposed to have done when he said Curley and Schultz had his support. This does not mean he would support them if they were guilty, but rather that he was not going to throw them under the bus in the absence of a conviction by a court of law.

    The Board then perpetrated what, during an actual war, the U.S. Code of Military Justice would call misbehavior before the enemy. This includes acts of cowardice such as running away, throwing weapons away and, most to the point, yielding a defensible position that it is one's duty to defend.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:30 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457


    I am trashing only those students who aid and assist the enemy (Trustees, NCAA, Freeh Group) the way Mullen did in her interchange with two alumni leaders.

    This does not mean, "Anybody who is not with us is against us." Students have the right to remain neutral although, if they had any real pride in the University whose names will go on their diploma, they would indeed stand with us.

    When they make public statements that our efforts are hurting Penn State, though, they are not only lying, they are against us. This means they can be rightfully, and publicly, denounced for shamelessness, and a total lack of pride in Penn State. They can and should be treated like disobedient sheep during a fight between sheep dogs and wolves. This means they can be told that, while they have a huge STAKE in the outcome of that dispute, they have no SAY in it, and they should therefore shut their blattering mouths because nothing they say is of the slightest interest to either side.

    As for why the Trustees acted so quickly, look no further than Kenneth "people that look like you" Frazier. He played a major role in hiring Freeh. Then he affirmed the Freeh Report's findings of guilt without apparently bothering to read the report. The NCAA used this as an excuse to impose its illegitimate sanctions. Of course Frazier does not want anybody to prove that the Freeh Report is a piece of trash; if that were proven, it would show him to be totally unfit to be in responsible charge of Penn State. This is, I think, why he lost control of his temper to the extent that he used racist language toward an alumnus who challenged the Freeh Report. I think Mr. Frazier is currently Penn State's biggest problem, followed by his friends in the Business & Industry faction, along with Masser, Eckel, and the appointed Trustees.

  • Naturewoman posted at 12:22 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Naturewoman Posts: 3

    So now we know who most likely wrote the article... Freddy did!

    Spoiled kids... LOL!!!

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:19 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Whatever the NCAA does is too little and too late. I would equate the scholarship limitation reduction to a burglar who, having stolen everything in my house, gives back a couple of movie DVDs or pieces of silverware. The NCAA needs to be destroyed as an organization and, noting its track record for widespread abuses and dishonesty (Google on NCAA and "extortion" for an example regarding U. Miami), this should be realistic if enough people work to make it happen.

  • claudekirshner posted at 12:12 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    claudekirshner Posts: 2

    There comes a point in everyone's life where the ethos by which you live will be tested. It seldom comes in a 'job interview', a classroom, or while working on a college newspaper during one's salad days. We are confronted with the matter of who we are, or what we stand for, after life has graced us with numerous battle scars, and the occasional personal triumph.

    Just as the author says everyone is entitled to an opinion. But in truth, the writer sounds like an unseasoned, narcissistic child too worried about his own future and too upset that his youth leaves him 'disrespected'.

    On that day in the future when your essence, and all that you stand for, is challenged perhaps you will remember the sensibilities of the alumni you are slamming today. And perhaps you will see things a bit differently.

  • smc posted at 12:02 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    smc Posts: 45

    Probably worth noting here that in the Alumni Association's most recent survey, 60% of respondents rated their TRUST of information from the Board of Trustees between 0 and 5 on a 10 point scale, where 0 meant "Do not trust at all" and 10 meant "Trust completely" and 6% responding "Don't know/Not sure".

    A full 18% gave them a ZERO.

    In contrast for the same question, the Alumni Association and PSU students had 79% and 82% rating them 6 and above. 25% gave the Alumni Association 10's and 31% gave the student's 10's. PSU administration fared slightly above a 5 average.

  • Janet Kudravetz posted at 12:02 pm on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Janet Kudravetz Posts: 26

    Fred: I'm not an alumni, so I didn't get mine, and I don't squeal. I participate in actions that try to ensure that people like you get due process if they are drawn into court. Trust me, it's a very scarey experience. And, apparently the NCAA is making an announcement today about revising the scholarship limitations.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 11:13 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Janet, let me bring up to date. Alumni, you got yours. Students are here to get theirs.

    Whose time is it now? It is the STUDENT'S TIME!

    You all can set back, whine, squeal about this and that, but things are changing. What kind of power do you think the VOCAL MINORITY ALUMNI have? Is there something in the PSU bylaws, mission, that you all have some kind of mythical control and power? In my opinion, you all are acting like spoiled brats. Add in the boldness of the Collegian editors, and a gasket blew.

    Reading the comments coming from commentators identifying as alumni is like drivel coming from spoiled kids. One thing for sure, the students got it right calling you all out. I know, it got to you all didn't it? That was the point. That was super-journalism with a point on it..(warm smile of approval)

  • FredRiley2 posted at 10:48 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    lberkland. just want to let you know, that was a LOW BLOW, when you stated that the students are using something that most likely alumni paid for. That line right there tells me that the VMA is wrapped up in themselves. PSU gets a lot of tax money too. IMO, the students were correct in putting you all in your place. You all want to support, all well and good, but don't start whining when something doesn't go the way you think it should! Times are changing. What we did 5 years ago, needs to be modified.

    Again, it is disgraceful for the alumni to get on this comment section and blast the editors and this paper.

    I tell you what, why don't VMA get their own paper. Then you all can set around and agree with each other. Here, the students are getting their word in, and they are saying "listen up".

    In fact, all of you jumping on this paper and author should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES. In addition, you better get a grip on yourselves too, because the students are not going to put up with this bullying. The alumni has been running around bullying everybody. You can tell from the comments. The students have gave you all a bit of what is to come. I don't want none of you have any heart attacks out there. (grin)

  • Janet Kudravetz posted at 10:46 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Janet Kudravetz Posts: 26

    At Fred: It definitely takes guts to go against the grain and that's also what the alumni are doing with the Board. Just to be clear, this is not about clinging to the old ways (not that integrity and tradition are bad; but change is necessary as well), it's about finding out why this happened the way it did and why the Board reacted so quickly without getting the facts straight -- whatever they were/are -- and then refused to defend the University when it was accused of things based on faulty information. You're right, no body should be trashing the students and, conversely, the students shouldn't be trashing alumni.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 10:10 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    When we all pull up this page, this what we see..


    With that said, it is very low-life for commentators to come on this board, and just because that are alumni think they are KING-CHIT, and say the COLLEGIAN is a flunky for the BOT or the admin. The students publish this paper, and their editorials are from them. Live with it..

    Also, all the flak coming from alumni is just that, FLAK. Just like in all major decisions, when great entities have to move forward, and there is a resistance to cling on to the old ways, there is bitterness. The Civil War for example. Some wanted to cling to the old ways, didn't like the way things were being run, and just like here, trash the leaders and all that dare speak against them. All that is happening right here.

    This is the student's paper, this where the students express their ideas and opinion. Please stop trashing the students for having a different vision. Please stop saying the students are flunkies for the admin and the BOT too.

    In fact, alumni should be proud of the student who wrote this editorial. They don't have to agree with the content, but I think everyone will agree it took guts to go against the grain. Just like the Civil War, it took guts to say, NO, we are not doing that, and if it takes war to settle it, then so be it. That was a great decision back then, and it solidified our nation. So, please, will the VMA please lower your rash comments?

  • Janet Kudravetz posted at 9:57 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Janet Kudravetz Posts: 26

    I respect Ms. Mullen for having the courage to attend the rally last Friday. I know it could not have been easy and I've tried to understand the perspective of someone in her shoes. I hope she has taken the time to study all the facts at hand and that she will be open to some sort of constructive dialogue where all sides can participate. I just want to respond to some points in the article.

    ---- "Friday's protest was an exercise in digging in your heels and refusing to yield [on the part of the protesters]."

    That is what happens when people you want to meet face-to-face refuse to engage in constructive dialogue -- and such is the case with the Penn State Board of Trustees. If people of older generations had not refused to yield in even larger matters -- civil rights, women's rights, Viet Nam, etc. -- I fear to think where we would be today. Many people there were engaged in these fights as Penn Staters.

    ---- "Mullen calmly made valid points about the concerns of the student body in this time of transition — when students are applying for jobs, they're being asked about the Sandusky scandal instead of their individual accomplishments. Mullen disagreed that these alumni antics do not reflect negatively on current students, and she's right. The actions of a vocal minority are defining us as a school."

    The appropriate response in an interview might be along the lines of "As Penn Staters, we fight for due process and the truth, wherever it might lead us. We are critical thinkers and admire our students and alumni for their efforts." As for the actions of a vocal minority defining Penn State as a school, HALLELUJAH if the word is getting out there, because it certainly isn't reflected by the main stream press -- yet.

    ---- "Nothing is horrible about wanting the truth, but this alumna's argumentative tone and refusal to listen to Mullen’s points is immature and shows the feverish nature of these protests. It’s disgraceful to hear some of these alumni protesters argue that the students are ill-equipped to understand what is happening with the administration, or are too shielded or controlled by the Board of Trustees to make our own decisions."

    Admittedly I was not at the protest, but do students actually understand what is happening within the administration? You are their constituents in a sense and they should at the very least respond to you if you have concerns -- as it should be with the many alumni who give of their souls to keep the University within the bounds of the traditions that made it so great. Penn State is a University of great ethical and moral history, where education always has come first. What the NCAA has done with the blessing of the Board of Trustees has tarnished this image and all the protesters are trying to do is restore and maintain what makes Penn State great.

    --- "How dare you assert that we don't care about this university as much as the alumni simply because of our age?"

    We call care deeply about this institution from different vantage points. As a student, you are there in the middle of it all with all the pressures of being a student, excelling, and finding a job; of course, you love the University. On the other hand, the alumni enjoy the perspective that is only acquired by looking back at the University from a different place in their lives -- while also supporting it in various ways to ensure current students have the Penn State experience. We ALL love this University. Your time will come and you will be grateful that people have stood up and fought for all that Penn State stands for and not allowed it to be remembered as a campus where a "pedophile ran loose at will" -- that actually was the essence of was said to me by a Wall Street Journal reporter recently and that is the prevailing opinion, and that is just factually not true.

    ---- "After two long years of exhausting and emotionally trying times on this campus, students are ready to look to the future of Penn State rather than dwell endlessly on the past. The truth that the alumni protesters do not understand or refuse to consider is what it was like to be a student on this campus the day the Sandusky case broke. They don't know what it was like to frantically pull up the grand jury presentment on your computer and read every word with your roommate in your dorm, barely breathing."

    When you have some perspective, you will see that the last two years will be a time from which the University grew and became stronger through the efforts of a dedicated alumni base and others. A blatantly incorrect grand jury presentment was so (intentionally?) inflammatory that all else was forgotten and the Board of Trustees did anything it could to just make it go away -- no matter the entire University's reputation was put at risk, from the classroom to the playing field. (By the way, the NCAA sanctions were based on a "failure of leadership" by Joe Paterno (and others), but the lead prosecutor himself said there was no evidence Joe Paterno participated in a cover-up -- as was also stated prior to the incorrect grand jury presentment. So what is the basis for the sanctions? (It should also be noted that the most inflammatory charge of rape was not even claimed by Mike McQueary and he stated so under oath.)

    ---- "They don't know what it was like to be on campus the night Joe Paterno was fired, to cry silently in class or to be in the center of mass confusion and riot — literally in a state of flux for weeks and months on end. It was an experience that can only be understood by those who lived it. And for those who have lived it, the thought of rebuilding and moving forward from some of the darkest times this university has seen sounds like a pretty good idea."

    We may not have lived on campus, but I guarantee we felt the pain as deeply as any student, probably multiplied by the number of years older we are. It sounds cliche for sure, but wounds never truly heal until they're cleaned out. Moving on without doing that would be a huge regret in the long run and, in time, you may feel that way as well.

    ---- "If you truly believe that there is a truth to be revealed, we encourage you to seek it. But seek it respectfully and objectively. Continue to investigate, consider all sides, and realize that the chances of the entire Board of Trustees stepping down is slim to none."

    We will continue to seek the truth and are seeking it objectively; more and more people are seeing the light and joining the cause. If student representatives like Ms. Mullen would be willing to sit down with, or engage in an honest dialogue through some means, with members of the alumni community, I'm sure that would be a welcomed opportunity. I wish I were an alum -- not going to Penn State University is the single worst decision I've ever made -- but the place is still in my blood.

  • rmb297 posted at 8:57 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    rmb297 Posts: 4

    Wow. This is really a case of the students either misunderstanding why PSU is in this predicament or they have been completely brainwashed by the administration.

    I deal in facts and the fact of this matter is that not a single student would have ever gotten a question about the Sandusky scandal in a job interview IF the BOT had defended Penn State from the outset. However, the BOT chose to roll over in the face of bad publicity (ironic) and essentially admit guilt for Sandusky's crimes. Then to make matters worse, the BOT hired Louis Freeh to justify the firings of key PSU leaders and place the blame for the scandal on the football program.

    The facts of the Sandusky case show that PA's child protection system broke down and did not identify Sandusky as a child molester in 1998. In 2001, PSU officials are on the record as notifying the DPW, who chose not to investigate Sandusky. Evidence also has surfaced proving the janitor crime was a fabrication. The prosecutor in the case recently said that Joe Paterno was not involved in a cover-up.

    All of these facts point to a premature decision by the BOT that caused PSU to be saddled with blame for the Sandusky scandal and to receive unwarranted sanctions by the NCAA.

    It is folly for the students to believe that the stigma of the Sandusky scandal would not be there if the alumni weren't fighting for the truth and PSU's reputation. The fact is that SMU received the death penalty from the NCAA over 30 years ago and the stigma of that penalty still hangs over the school.

    If we move forward, without the truth, the stigma of the Sandusky scandal will stain PSU for the next 30 to 50 years.

    Is that something we Penn Staters want to live with?

  • Harry Jones posted at 1:58 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    Harry Jones Posts: 37

    Fred, you are incorrect in your generalization. I can handle the truth. However, I'm still waiting to learn the entire truth. Henry Fonda's character in the movie "12 Angry Men" was a "vocal minority" in the juror room who was persistent in searching for the truth in a criminal case. By the end of the movie, he convinced the other 11 jurors that there was reasonable doubt. This resulted in a young man's acquittal. I hope that more of the truth will be revealed during the upcoming trials of the three Penn State Administrators!

  • jzucofski posted at 1:36 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    jzucofski Posts: 1

    For those of you who think the alumni are ruining your chances to get your dream job, I suggest your problems are much larger than that. It's almost certain that the people making the decisions at the companies you apply to are not going to be 23 years old. So I suggest you rethink the idea that anyone older than you is an irrelevant geezer who just doesn't get what this world is about. Or be willing to scoop a lot of fries for the next decade.

    Do you realize that if the recruiters were so convinced that all Penn Staters were a reflection of Jerry Sandusky, you never would have gotten an interview in the first place? News flash: employers aren't so interested in your personal accomplishments as they are in your performance under fire. Those questions you're being asked are a test. If you wilt and cry and say you're embarrassed to be a Penn Stater because of the scandal, you just lost the job. Because you'd do the same thing when confronted with something negative at your job.

    Instead of going on about the vocal alumni at the Board meeting, perhaps the Collegian should be asking how the University borrowing $30 million to cover athletic revenue shortfalls will affect current and future students. Oh that's right, we're movin' on. Everything's gonna be alright.

  • sbegly posted at 12:26 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    sbegly Posts: 2

    I just graduated a month ago with my masters from State. I was there through it all. There is nothing more shocking than walking home from campus, downtown, and finding a graduate colleague of mine maced on the side of the street while biking home. I helped him back to my place, thankful that I had some milk in my refrigerator to rinse his eyes.

    I'm concerned. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I have a sister, brother, and three cousins that graduated from University Park. We are not old. We are all in our 20's and 30's. We are not a "vocal minority". We all agree, including 2 Collegian alumni friends that I will be visiting on Oct. 5th, that the governance, as dictated by the board, should be questioned.

    We are not dredging up the past or remaining sessile in the present, because doing so disrespects the lessons procured from that very past. Thus, lets all look towards a better future for State, together, however we arrive there, because surely it will be here in a moment.

  • sydneyh2 posted at 12:16 am on Tue, Sep 24, 2013.

    sydneyh2 Posts: 1

    Just when I think my embarrassment to be an alumnus of The Pennsylvania State University is ebbing, we have another fine literary work to bring it right back. For the writer to assume (you know what they say about assume) it was or is more difficult for current students than alumni just shows how out of touch from reality this individual is. This makes me want to trash every Penn State resume that crosses my desk. If this is what Penn State produces these days, I'll pass. Just beyond sad.

  • Rick Class of 73 posted at 11:48 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Rick Class of 73 Posts: 1

    Most of the people at the rally were Alumni. We also watched breathlessly as this situation unfolded in 2011. To suggest otherwise is unrealistic on your part. We believe that the only way to have closure for everyone on this issue is to have the truth come out. You are allowing the BOT to pull the wool over your eyes regarding the Freeh Report. You could be helping the truth come out by joining us in the quest for the real truth rather than shilling for the Board. The Board's story only ensures that Penn State will be a pariah forever. We can enact reforms without "admitting" to falsehoods and throwing ourselves on our own swords, while at the same time standing up for the truth. Even here in Wisconsin when the discussion turns to Penn State people shake their heads, and most of them know nothing about these protests. If you would help the real story come out perhaps we can salvage at least some of the reputation of this great University

  • Radix posted at 10:37 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Radix Posts: 31

    When a bunch of fat cats (the BOT) tell you to move on, do you just listen and move on? Why would they say that unless they were hiding something? The whole "move on" drum beat is just a little too loud not to be suspicious. I'm not buying it.

  • lberkland posted at 10:10 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    lberkland Posts: 32

    No further comments are necessary....this one hits the nail on the head! Thanks.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 9:46 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    On the other hand, the students breaking from the old traditional stance of the VMA, has cause quit a stir. The VMA, don't run PSU, although they are trying too. PSU is there for the young people of our great nation to learn and become future leaders and outstanding citizen. The old ways are finished. We have a elected a minority president twice. The VMA are acting just like the GOP.. Trying to gum up everything, want things to return to the old ways. Not going to happen. You all can bring the who VMA to this comment section, and gripe to your fingers turn red, the students have the power.

    Their voice is heard through the Collegian. The VMA needs to stand down, and stop making a fool of themselves.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 9:38 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    First off, if you all would take those blinders off your eyes, you can easily see that the Collegian is fully independent and relaying the thoughts of the students in its editorial. On the other hand, I see is a bunch of old grumpy men(like the GOP conservative party)getting really up tight because the student leadership dare to see things differently.

    BTW, henceforth the vocal minority alumni from now on will be known as VMA. Thank you kindly.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 9:06 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Re: "You must be another "vocal minority alumni" like Bill. Mr. Bill. that is real funny. " If we are in the minority, why are Anne Riley, Paul Suhey, and Stephanie Deviney no longer Trustees?

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 9:05 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Who are you, really? Karen Peetz or Keith Eckel? Then again, a comment like "old geezers" is consistent with Kenneth Frazier's "people that look like you." And, if you think "old geezers" should listen to students, why are you in college anyway? Maybe you should be teaching the classes, and the professors (all of whom are far older than you) should learn from you, yuk yuk yuk.

    Oh yes--as for the article's title, we are the majority and not the minority. If we were in the minority, Anne Riley, Paul Suhey, and Stephanie Deviney would still be Trustees. They would not have gotten kicked out so hard that they bounced a few times, as they did in the last two elections.

  • Psusmc posted at 8:28 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Psusmc Posts: 10

    I guess it is understandable that you feel safe and protected in the insular environment that is State College. However, I do not understand why you are inclined to listen to Erickson and the BoT's PR team when they tell you to "just move on" and pretend like everything is "OK." What you need to understand is that everything is not "OK."

    Most of the world now views the entire Penn State community as guilty of aiding and abetting a pedophile for decades in order to protect the football team. They also believe that our university failed to preserve a proper balance between athletics and education. Do you believe these things are true? I do not.

    While you may want to accept the label "Ped State University" that the BoT's actions have thrust upon us and you may choose to live with the unfair NCAA sanctions that were embraced by Erickson, I do not. And, a large majority of my fellow alumni will not either. Some day I hope that you will learn that standing up for truth and justice is a worthy cause, not a "necessary opportunity" to move on.

  • smc posted at 8:22 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    smc Posts: 45

    Apparently, Ms. Mullen's "valid points" were so valid that the authors of this editorial failed to mention ANY of them. So no, it's a pointless editorial that heralds free speech while it intends to squash it.

    I was working at Penn State and interviewing for jobs during the height of the Sandusky news. I've read the grand jury presentment many times over, along with many of the other legal documents and evidence. I know far more about this than someone who apparently cried over it once, and has yet to step into the real world looking for a job.

    If the Collegian wants to pretend to be a newspaper, perhaps they are the ones who should be interviewing alumni and not editorializing such shallow viewpoints.

  • Martin Bigsby posted at 8:18 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Martin Bigsby Posts: 3

    Let me get this straight:
    You are an Editorial Board of a college newspaper, comprised of young adults in your 20s and you are scared of controversey? No thirst for truth? No sense that maybe there's a STORY in this thing - that maybe the company line of the University might not all quite add up? Any curiosity by the Editorial Board of the Daily Collegian as to conflicts of interest / insider dealings of members of the Trustees?

    Or maybe are the Recognized Campus Leaders really just kind of lap dogs for these folks?

    "Move forward because this hurts. It has been hard for us to be students at Penn State during this whole thing - so let's all just move on."

    I've never seen a campus in more dire need of an independent PSU Student newspaper in my life. People laugh at the level of intellectual discourse on this campus when they read the immature, poorly conceived dreck that this "Editorial" is.

    Shame on you.

  • Naturewoman posted at 8:14 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Naturewoman Posts: 3

    Freddy, so wanting the truth doesn't matter? Times change everyday. BUT THE TRUTH DOESN'T! And the "old boy network" is still strong and active at PSU. And they are the ones wanting this move-on stuff because they don't want to show how bad they failed PSU.

    Your first paragraph is sad. Your second is just comical. You can't see how strong the "old boy network" still is.

    Enjoy your dream world. But know someday you will have to grow up and live in the real world...

  • DavidM posted at 8:10 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    DavidM Posts: 13

    Fred: I fear that, some years ago, somebody told you that you were very clever, and perhaps even profound. That person didn't do you any favors.

  • DavidM posted at 8:06 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    DavidM Posts: 13

    Wow! What an impressively random sequence of comments. In fact, the "old boy network" has been the old guard Penn State trustees, who chose to disappear when PSU needed defending, who tacitly accepted a fiction-laden Freeh report which trashed Penn State, and who have avoided any transparency as though they have something to hide. Those of us who demand the full story are in denial about nothing--we want to know what really happened and why. And it's the students who are sticking their heads in the sand--as though they can really escape from what has happened.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:33 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    it seems like this letter has drawn out the "vocal minority alumni" in force. You see how one commenter bashes the letter, and then here comes five clones supporting the basher.

    From the way I see it, every time I see the ramblings of the vocal minority alumni, I hear a giant sucking sound. The BOT should move to strike some of the power if any the vocal minority alumni have. Because they have abused their position, and used their voices for their own selfish agenda. Which, by the way, is not the agenda of the current students.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:28 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    I think you are the disgrace. Frazier is on the BOT. You are blindly commenting to a comment section. Your credibility is zero to none.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:27 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Harry, I respefully disagree with you. The letter was the absolute truth. You, and the rest of the vocal minority alumni can't handle the truth.

    Also, the author clearly and correctly states the "minority" too.

  • jmshive posted at 7:25 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    jmshive Posts: 1

    Someday, Ms Mullen, something in your life will happen that is so unfair, so wrong, that it puts you on the path to right that wrong and It becomes your passion. That happening for so many of us was the firing of Joe Paterno, and our passion will continue until Joe's name is publicly cleared of any wrongdoing. No one of us can fathom the pain this brought to any one else. All we can do is stick together and work together until we reach our desired end of Joe's public exoneration. Yes we have watched the BoT closely, a group that before the Sandusky mess went unchallanged. It was like opening a Pandora's box. I can't bel;ieve you were embarrassed of us. If nothing else our alumni group is practicing constitutional freedoms, and of that you should be proud. I know I am proud to walk among them.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:25 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Yes, there was a point to this letter. Sorry, that the point flew pass you. IMO, you and other vocal minority alumni were caught off guard with the courage of the author of this letter.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:22 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    You must be another "vocal minority alumni" like Bill. Mr. Bill. that is real funny.

    I ask you this. Who is more foolish, the fool(Bill) or the fool(you) that follows the fool?

    That is a serious question too.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:20 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Bill, you need to read your writings. "what disgust me the most".. that is a quote from one of your tirades. Read your writing, take a deep breath and read it again, and again. I am hoping that sometime in the re-reads, some common sense will slip in, and you might come to your senses. That is, if any senses were there in the first place.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:17 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    The more of these kind of responses, the more proud the author should feel. You old geezers need to set back and listen to the students. These are not ordinary students, these are Penn State Students, and I am glad to see that they have guts too. Somebody needs to put the vocal minority alumni in their place, and the current students are stepping up to that task!

    Hip, hip horray!!

  • FredRiley2 posted at 7:10 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Sorry, but all that doesn't wash. The vocal minority alumni think things are and should be like they were. Not happening, not going to happen. Times have changed. The minority alumni has not changed. So, we are ushering in the new, and gently telling the old, it is another time. The vocal minority has been in a state of "DENIAL", and trying shake the cloak of responsibility. Well, the rest of the country can see this, and the students can see this. The author of this letter was right in every sense. Somebody needs to tell the vocal minority to shut up. The best vehicle for that message is the students.

    The students have seen what the "old boy network" has done, and want no parts of it. Again, the author of the letter should be commended to the highest order to have the guts to come forward tell it like it is..
    to send that message is , see this, and

  • SQPublic posted at 7:08 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    SQPublic Posts: 5

    Wow Collegian....wah, we were not there on your insular campus......But we were elsewhere and suffered the same abuse. I'n stunned you can't look beyond your own nose and be empathetic of other's experiences. The point is that most of us should be on the same page and want the truth to come out- not the false narrative thrown into the wind by the BOT, the media, Freeh....to take down this fine institution. Not seeking the truth will make your degree worth less in years to come if this is not cleared up. Have some respect for your elders, thry might just have a little more life experience than you and might know what they are talking about. The BOT failed this school- caring about their perks more than they did about a fine man and Coach, it's alums and students.

  • mariedc posted at 6:09 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    mariedc Posts: 2

    I grew up in State College, I am an alum of PSU, and I have 3 children who are either alums or current students. This entire Sandusky debacle has had an enormous effect on me. PLEASE do not tell me that my needs to expose the truth, to defend my University, and to feel devastated by all that has transpired are any less significant than your feelings, just because you are a current student. The ONLY way to prevent this travesty from ever happening again is to uncover how it happened. The leadership at Penn State made an egregious problem even worse. Their poor decisions magnified the effects of the Sandusky debacle. I don't want this to EVER happen again. The only way to prevent this, is to learn all of the facts, remove the leaders who blundered, and to never allow this sad history to repeat itself.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 6:06 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    There were, in fact, people in our country who wanted to let 9/11 go, just as student "leaders" (elected with 8% of the student vote, I understand) like Katelyn Mullen who want to let 11/9/2011 go.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 5:45 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Listen to Mr. Frazier for yourself. He is clearly not in control of his temper. His loss of self-control shows that he is very frightened of anything that discredits the Freeh Report, because he (1) played a major role in hiring Freeh, and (2) affirmed the Freeh Report's findings of guilt without bothering to read the report. Does this sound like a Penn State Trustee, and the CEO of a major corporation, to you, or does it sound like an immature teenager throwing a temper tantrum? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qbwRqj-Twg4

    And yes, Mr. Frazier emphatically wants to move forward to avoid being exposed as grossly unfit to be in responsible charge of Penn State, or indeed anything else, which is what will happen when the Freeh Report is exposed (in court) as the worthless and self-contradictory piece of trash that it is. This makes him the Trustees' weak link, and I encourage my fellow alumni to treat him accordingly.

  • Michael Felli posted at 5:35 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Michael Felli Posts: 1

    Dear Students:

    I wasn't in NYC 9/11/01; I didn't witness my fellow Americans jumping out of windows from 50 floors up; I didn't experience the horror of the planes smashing into the towers; I wasn't there when the towers came down; I didn't live there when the military were doing flyovers to protect their citizens; I wasn't there to experience the dread and fear that New Yorkers felt.

    Yet, I did support the war effort. In fact, if I were a nurse then like I am now, I would've went. It was 5 years later that I only started my Nursing career. I know this about myself b/c I was Penn State ARMY ROTC student.

    Did I just "move-on" afterwards? Can I not voice my opinion on the war effort b/c I didn't "live" the moment of the horror of those planes smashing into the buildings? Is that what you think? Is that "how" you think? That only people who "lived" in NYC should decide her fate?

    Allow me to be candid: these "vocal-minority" alums you speak so condescendingly to (well, at least according to this editorial) are busting their butts daily to find the truth and restore the roar in Penn State. You may or not realize this, but they are on "your" side. Believe it or not, they want - and are H3LL-BENT, btw - what is best for Penn State and her alums. In fact, from day one, that is ALL they want.

    Could there be a better way? Probably. But, the problem does not reside with them but with the people that refuse to talk - the BOT. There can be no moving forward when one side refuses to talk and, most importantly, LISTEN!!! It's not like we are lepers, communists or Pitt alums.

    So, although you don't realize it, the people who came before you got your back. Very similarly to the way former veterans got the back of present day soldiers.

    I know, and understand, that you are inundated with Penn State this and Penn State that in the news, by friends and online. We can all empathize. So, just like we alums, it is difficult to know what to believe.

    But, please stop the melodramatic diatribes that we alums have no darn clue what is going on b/c we weren't there to experience it. Unbeknownst to you, we alums know EXACTLY what the heck is going on. And, it is THAT reason your prestigious BOT won't speak to us nor will they listen to us.

    And, we "vocal-minority" refuse to go quietly into the night. We are here for the long haul. So, the sooner you understand that the better!

    And, when you are an old timer like some of us, you, too, will have the backs of future Penn State students. That's EXACTLY why WE ARE!!!!!!

  • smc posted at 3:58 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    smc Posts: 45

    That sentence was only written for brevity, and to pull out a broader point. Personally, I have a LONG list of serious failures the BOT have made over the past 2+ years.

    But when I talk with alumni, most are not overly informed. Yet they still have questions about how the board and administration handled the crisis, and usually they mention at least one of the many items on my list.

    There may be a "vocal alumni minority", but my perception is that the vast MAJORITY thinks the BOT handled this poorly as well, and the more informed they are about the details, the more appalled they are at how this was handled by the BOT.

  • lberkland posted at 3:55 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    lberkland Posts: 32

    "This is a youth-oriented society, and the joke is on them because youth is a disease from which we all recover." - Dorothy Fuldheim [wink]

  • lberkland posted at 3:39 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    lberkland Posts: 32

    Ken Frazier is very much responsible for the damage done to PSU. Given that the Freeh report has been pretty much demolished, why aren't student leaders calling for Mr. Frazier to insist that Louis Freeh address the university community to answer questions and explain the inconsistencies and problems with his report? Mr. Frazier wants to "move forward" because it's best for HIM, not PSU.

  • dougalmac posted at 3:27 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    dougalmac Posts: 11

    Frazier is a disgrace as a trustee and his disrespectful racist outburst toward Bill Cluck is yet another egregious example of the dysfunctional and continual failures of the BoT. It's a pity reality-blind sycophants to the board like you FredRiley2 are a pathetic minority who are too influenced by so-called "authority figures" to see the massive incompetence, arrogance, failure and malfeasance of the BoT. That board's monumental failures in their governance at Penn State has caused them to have ZERO credibility with the alumni and they need to be fully investigated for potential criminal prosecution by the PA Attorney General's office.

  • dougalmac posted at 3:19 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    dougalmac Posts: 11

    " I have yet to speak to an alumnus who does not think the CURRENT university leadership has badly mishandled one or more items over the past 2 years related to the Sandusky incident."

    THAT my friend is a VAST underestimation of the lengths the PS BoT gone to to fail on a long litany and list of items related to the wake of the Sandusky scandal. It is clear the arrogance, incompetence and dysfunction of the BoT and their puppet Erickson/Joyner administration at PSU has led the school to the brink of disaster. The heart of these egregious failures lies at the feet of the BoT "power elite" embodied in the bogus executive committee of the 11/9/11 BoT. There is but ONE acceptable solution to the PS alumni: The IMMEDIATE resignation of ALL the trustees present on the board as of 11/9/11. WHEN they are gone, the alumni will gladly begin the process of "moving forward" in earnest.

  • dougalmac posted at 3:10 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    dougalmac Posts: 11

    Amen to ALL of that, brother!

  • dougalmac posted at 3:02 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    dougalmac Posts: 11

    Asserting that students who "lived through the Sandusky horror and embarrassment" at Penn State somehow experienced a more gut-wrenching or disturbing assault on their Penn State pride and self-esteem shows the "Happy Valley" concentric prejudice that permeates the attitudes of "The Deadly Collusion." Leave it to these "jumping, junior journalists" to get it wrong and not have a scintilla of empathy or understanding about the trials and tribulations Penn State alumni have suffered and continue to suffer, NOT only due to Sandusky, but due to the corrupt incompetence of the BoT AND the Erickson/Joyner administration. Get it through your thick heads, students and Daily Collusion BoT sycophants, the 570,000 plus alumni ARE the vast majority of the Penn State community and it's biggest supporters and benefactors. We oppose the BoT and their continued dysfunctional incompetence because they are dangerously close to destroying a great world class university. The backlash Penn State alums have suffered in the world community at large is far and away much more damaging to the alumni than it has been for the students. They still study and learn in an environment that accepts them and embraces them. We alumni don't have that luxury. We have to live in the real world, under more exacting real world standards and are being judged daily by the public perception that Penn State is a failed and flawed institution. That negative perception has been exacerbated and enhanced on an ongoing basis for the past 2 years by the BoT. Students and the clueless Collegian editorial staff who try to make the alumni the enemy instead of recognizing the monumental malfeasance, corruption, incompetence and poor governance of the BoT are aiding and abetting public enemy No. 1 at Penn State: Our OWN BoT!

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 3:00 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    People do not respect themselves enough to stand up for the good name of their university--the university whose name will be on their diplomas and resumes for the rest of their lives--are not entitled to the respect of anybody else.

  • Naturewoman posted at 2:54 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Naturewoman Posts: 3

    I am one of the THOUSANDS of alumni that lives outside of PA. I am also one of the alumni that if it was possible, would have been at the March for Truth. But like thousands of alumni, I have adult responsibilities that prevented my attending.

    To the PSU students, please NEVER minimize the nightmare most PSU Alumni have been through, just because we don't live on campus. You have no idea of all the hate we have been thru. All the name calling, the damage done to our personal property because we are not ashamed of our school and still proudly show our pride and support. The family members lost or relations strained because we support finding the truth. All the abuse taken verbally by so-called friends because we support finding the truth.

    Yes, every Penn Stater has experienced things we never dreamed we would. But students are protected. The live with Penn Staters. Their everyday life is with Penn Staters. The Alumni are out in the big world sharing life with very few Penn Staters. Believe me, we have taken loads of abuse from the non Penn Staters...!

  • rhino2 posted at 2:41 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    rhino2 Posts: 1

    The fact that students choose not to stand up for their university is a good indication that the future is not good for Penn State. The collegian pretends to be an independent newspaper, but shilling for the board of trustees because they allow you into their meetings is not independence. Stick to the stories about raping one another and how to turn your one night stands into relationships. If it wasn't for the crosswords, nobody would read this rag, and opinion pieces like this garbage, don't help. The writer should interview/debate Eileen Morgan, and the public would see which one knows their facts.

  • FredRiley2 posted at 2:31 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    Your biased words against Frazier makes all your remarks suspect! In addition, I think you are the type that the author of the letter was referring too. In your so-call quest to help PSU, people with opinions like you are the ones keeping PSU from pulling up. Like I said, the truth is hard. Before you start judging Frazier, you need to judge yourself. Your writings in these comment sections have fully described your mindset. No need for me to call it out, everybody can see it for themselves. Yes, you are doing PSU harm!!!

  • FredRiley2 posted at 2:22 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    FredRiley2 Posts: 276

    I have to give big props to the writer of this letter. It takes guts to write the hard, bitter and unpopular truth..

  • DavidM posted at 2:05 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    DavidM Posts: 13

    Did you intend to distort what Mr. Levinson was trying to say, or did you actually think you were undermining his point about the Roman eagles? For your sake, I hope it was the former.

    Personally, I don't give a rip about the statue, but I care a lot about the future of Penn State, and who clearly shouldn't be entrusted with the governance of it.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 2:03 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    "Horatius" by Maccauley also is a good story about why Rome lasted as long as it did.

    The only thing that disgusts me almost as much as the Trustees is the apparent fact that some student "leaders" are willing to go along with them. They obviously have no pride, self-respect, or honor. These student "leaders" need to understand their place, namely that of sheep. When sheep dogs (alumni, and students on our side) have an argument with wolves (Trustees, NCAA, Freeh Group, media loudmouths), the sheep have a huge stake, but absolutely no say, in the outcome of that argument. They had just better pray that the sheep dogs win it, and definitely not interfere with the sheep dogs' efforts while it is happening.

  • AllThree posted at 1:20 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    AllThree Posts: 2

    I know when I think of Rome, I think of the three missing Eagle Standards, and definitely not about the Romans' advancements in politics, literature, arts, technology, architecture, etc.

    It's all about the Paterno statu--I mean, retrieving the Eagle Standards to restore Roman honor. A classic tale that to this day everyone remembers Rome by.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:45 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    "We do not suggest to forget our past or those who shaped it, but moving forward into a future post-Sandusky scandal is a welcome and necessary opportunity — an opportunity Penn State should take rather than rally against."

    It is difficult for me to respect somebody who is willing to move forward without Penn State's good name, the Presidential Medal of Freedom that Coach Paterno earned on behalf of Penn State, the Paterno statue, and probably $100 million that could be used to hold down tuition and/or support Penn State's mission.

    If you want to succeed in the real world after you graduate, you need to understand the basic concept of honor. The Romans were very successful until they became apathetic and complacent. As an example, they lost three Eagle Standards in the Teutoberg Forest. Caesar Augustus demanded angrily, "Quinctilius Varus, where are my eagles?" even though the man in question had answered for them with his life in the battle. Then Augustus sent more legions to get those eagles back. It took years if not decades, but they got two of them back at very considerable inconvenience to the Germans who had taken them. That was what it meant to be a Roman back then.

    Well, I want to know where MY Paterno Statue, MY Medal of Freedom, and MY University's good name went, and I can easily identify the individuals who, in an act of despicable cowardice, threw those things away.

    Penn State can indeed move forward, but the path must lie through the ruins of the reputations of the Freeh Group, the NCAA, and also the Trustees who defamed Penn State by admitting falsely on its behalf that it knowingly harbored and enabled a child molester. More and more alumni are working to clear that path. And here is how much we care.

    "This alumna says to Mullen, "We're not doing anything to badly reflect on this university…all we want here is the truth. What's so horrible about wanting the truth?" I believe the alumna was either Eileen Morgan, who had to travel all the way from Texas, or Denise McClellan, who also came in from out of state. This is not the first time she has done so. These are not students, who can easily afford an hour or two to attend a protest on campus, but people who have to take time away from work to come in from other parts of the country.

    "Mullen calmly made valid points about the concerns of the student body in this time of transition — when students are applying for jobs, they're being asked about the Sandusky scandal instead of their individual accomplishments. " The reason this is happening is that the Trustees' cowardice and incompetence allowed the media to define an individual crime by Sandusky as a "Penn State scandal." We, the alumni, are trying to take care of this.

    As for the students who are challenging our efforts, and thus effectively aiding their enemies as well as ours. let's leave it at this. This is between the sheep dogs (us) and the wolves (Trustee controlling majority, NCAA, and Freeh Group). Students can choose to be sheep dogs, or sheep. The sheep have a big stake, although not a say, in how this conflict works out. Here is what Rudyard Kipling wrote about the sheep almost 100 years ago, and not much has apparently changed.

    Convoy Escort

    I was a shepherd to fools
    Causelessly bold or afraid.
    They would not abide by my rules.
    Yet they escaped. For I stayed.

  • smc posted at 12:42 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    smc Posts: 45

    Was there supposed to be some actual point to this opinion piece rather than to just whine about people who are speaking up who others disagree with? If Ms. Mullen made valid points, why are they not enumerated here, or even a link to the video, instead of this rambling mess?

    Without some form of survey, it would be impossible to know what the majority or minority opinion of alumni is. Ironically, university leadership recently balked at the idea of an alumni survey, perhaps because they don't want to find out. I have yet to speak to an alumnus who does not think the CURRENT university leadership has badly mishandled one or more items over the past 2 years related to the Sandusky incident.

    I am embarrassed today's students aren't questioning the university's failures in handling this. Failing to "dwell on the past" now means you will be stuck with the labels of your inaction for the rest of your lives.

  • DavidM posted at 12:40 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    DavidM Posts: 13

    Rather than attempt to respond to all of the genuinely depressing statements included in your latest commentary, permit me a few notes.

    First, you suggest that "Nothing is horrible about wanting the truth..." Is that the best that you can do? Students at an excellent university suggesting that wanting to get at the truth ain't a terrible thing. You may have missed the memo, but searching for the truth should be at the very center of a true education.

    Second, we silverback alumni actually see a connection between the recent past, the present, and the future. The people who were supposed to lead and protect the interests of Penn State when the scandal broke--and did nothing but hide--are the same people who are currently in charge of the major governance decisions at PSU. They are the people who will choose the next president of the university. And unless the situation changes, they will be in charge of major decisions into the future.

    People who genuinely care about the future of Penn State need to be concerned about the people who have failed the university community over the last two years or more. As George Santayana suggested, "Those who ignore the past..." You know the rest, right?

  • Harry Jones posted at 12:19 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Harry Jones Posts: 37

    I respectfully disagree with the Opinion that "Vocal Alumni Minority are Impeding Greater Progress". Has the Penn State Alumni Association conducted a survey to determine what percentage of the Alumni agree or disagree with the actions that the Board of Trustees and the Penn State Administration have taken starting in November 2011? For example, the firing of Joe Paterno without due process, the tearing down of the Paterno statue, and the acceptance of the NCAA sanctions? You may find that the "vocal Alumni" represent the feelings of the majority of the Alumni who are heartbroken and upset over how this great University's reputation has been tarnished by the actions of the Media, the BOT and the Penn State Administration.

  • Bill_Levinson_78 posted at 12:18 pm on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    Bill_Levinson_78 Posts: 457

    Re: " realize that the chances of the entire Board of Trustees stepping down is slim to none." As the Duke of Wellington said at Waterloo, "Hard pounding, gentlemen, but we will see who can pound the longest." Helmuth von Moltke added that the side to win a war is often simply the last side to acknowledge that it has been beaten. The enemy already has at least six people down, and will lose three more (Alexander, Arnelle, and Myers) in the next election.

    Anne RIley, Stephanie Deviney, and Paul Suhey, voted out in disgrace.
    Jones, did not run for reelection because he knew he would be voted out.
    Steve Garban, forced to resign in disgrace.
    John Surma (the one who led Paterno's dismissal), stepped down because he "needed to spend more time at U.S. Steel," which he is now leaving at the end of the year.

    Karen Peetz had to step down as Chair because of the ongoing public relations battering she was getting, although she has not yet been forced off the Board.

    I don't think Kenneth "people that look like you" Frazier will be around much longer either, as he is an obvious weak link that can and should be called out as often as possible for his role in hiring Louis Freeh, affirming Freeh's sloppy workmanship without reading it and, of course, unleashing a temper tantrum laced with a racial reference on an alumnus.

    The fact that three Trustees on the opposing side (Eckel, Masser, and Dandrea) tried to give Anthony Lubrano an order in public, only to have him refuse in public, shows that the entire Board is on the edge of collapse. Only a desperate fool gives an order that he does not expect to be obeyed. The same goes for the Board's efforts to get McCombie, Lubrano, Taliaferro, and Clemens to drop out of the NCAA lawsuit. The Board is now in an open state of mutiny, with the alumni solidly behind the mutineers. "Mutiny" is not really a fair word, though, because it implies that the people who are trying to give orders have the right to give orders in the first place.

    Students need to remember that the 200 alumni who showed up on a work day have jobs, and may have taken time away from work to protect the reputation of Penn State. When I went to a similar rally in 2012, I had to drive for 5 hours, and get a dog walker. I might well have attended Friday had I not just returned from a business trip, with a pile of unfinished work waiting for me at home.

    Penn State cannot possibly rebuild while Mr. Frazier obstructs impartial assessments into the quality of the Freeh Report, the same report that condemned Penn State as a haven for child molesters. A patient cannot recover from cancer while the tumor remains in his body. I know that students can be very apathetic, but they should consider themselves lucky to have alumni who care enough about the University, and the students, to keep fighting until Penn State's reputation is restored at the expense of Louis Freeh and the NCAA. As stated by Rifleman Hagman (folk singer John Tams) in the Sharpe series,

    When evil stalks upon the land
    I'll neither hold nor stay my hand
    But fight to win a better day
    Over the hills and far away.

  • lberkland posted at 11:56 am on Mon, Sep 23, 2013.

    lberkland Posts: 32

    Funny how people view things through their own lens, isn't it. The fact that I don't know the feeling of being on campus for the past 2 years is absolutely correct. How many of these same students know how it feels to be wearing a Penn State sweatshirt, while walking into a grocery store with their daughters, only to hear someone say "We are Ped State"? You want to talk about interviews? Been there, done that in the past two years as well, and have gotten similar inquiries about Penn State. I don't live in PA, so the people conducting these interviews are unaware of the protests or dissention (it doesn't make the news anywhere but PA), but they surely have heard about the Freeh Report. Yes, I'm still unemployed too. You're embarrassed? Well, so am I. I'm embarrassed differences of opinion are now considered taboo on a college campus. I'm embarrassed that some in the student body feel it's inappropriate for an alumnus (who likely helped pay for something that the students are benefitting from) to express those differences of opinion and instead of respecting the difference, refer to it as arguing. And I'm also deeply saddened that anyone thinks that it's possible to build a strong future on a foundation of lies. To ALL involved, faculty, staff, students, alumni and community members.......SEEK FIRST TO UNDERSTAND AND THEN TO BE UNDERSTOOD (Stephen Covey Habit #5). We all have a unique point of view on what's best for Penn State. My guess is that none of us are 100% right but let's at least show a little respect for each other, shall we?


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