Students interested in business and entrepreneurship at Penn State will be given several opportunities to engage with other entrepreneurial students and to learn more about business during Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Global Entrepreneurship Week involves more than 100 countries, and is celebrated every November in order to bring together innovators of business and encourage economic growth and diversity, according to the Global Entrepreneurship Week website.

At Penn State, a string of 47 events will be held at various locations around campus throughout the week, and all involve a variety of different ways to engage students and members of the community in entrepreneurship, Rachel Wozniak , account executive from Happy Valley Communications , said.

Wozniak said she is spending her second year with the organization mainly involved with the promotional side of Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State, and works to inform the student population about events going on around campus during the week.

Wozniak (senior-public relations and Spanish) said last year, Penn State’s version of Global Entrepreneurship Week was fourth in the country based off of types of events and attendance, but this year, she is hoping to help Penn State rank first.

She said they have been promoting the event a lot this year because she thinks more students would be interested if they were more informed about it.

With 47 events on campus, Wozniak said the week will provide something different for every student who attends, and all types of students can find something fitting to their field of interest.

“There are a big variety of events this year, from lectures to different interactive events,” Wozniak said. “Events are specified to whatever you’d want to do, but it’s a good way to meet and greet with people and make certain contacts.”

Ultimately, Wozniak said she anticipates seeing student interest in the events, and thinks having a strong entrepreneurial involvement at the university is important.

“The school fosters new ideas all the time, and it’s very inspiring,” Wozniak said. “Students are more willing to go off and start their own businesses, and I hope that other students attend and follow in their footsteps.”

Several students and alumni have become actively involved with Global Entrepreneurship Week, and entrepreneurship in general, such as Justin Goldman , the co-creator of OrderUp , who will be speaking about his business experience three different times throughout the day on Tuesday.

Other university clubs, such as the Clown Nose Club , hope to make their entrepreneurial endeavors known, Carly Harris, one of the club leaders, said via email.

Harris (sophomore-marketing) said she hopes to step up during the week and have her opinions heard by other students who have entrepreneurial ideas.

“We have been fundraising for THON , so we have been trying to come up with innovative ideas for our alternate fundraisers besides canning, like our ‘Rake to break cancer’ fundraiser, raking local yards,” Harris said.

Harris also said the weeklong showcase should capture the interest of students due to the variety of events that may help improve business and entrepreneurial skills, such as workshops.

Other student entrepreneurs have been essentially self-sufficient in their businesses, and will present themselves to the student body as part of the themes of the week, such as Penn State iCracked representative, Mac Frederick.

Frederick (senior-advertising) said he often meets with students on campus to fix broken or damaged smartphones as a part of the iCracked company, and has been an independent student entrepreneur for the last year and a half.

He said he thinks it’s important for students at Penn State to get involved in Global Entrepreneurship Week, because he considers getting involved in the entrepreneurship world nothing but beneficial for students.

“It opens your mind to a variety of different options as far as choosing the life you want for yourself and being able to solve problems,” Frederick said.

Students can find more information on Global Entrepreneurship Week at Penn State events, as well as the full schedule of nearly 50 on-campus events on their website at

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